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A safe and convenient environment solution

Educational environments: universities, university housing, schools, research institutes, academies, kindergartens & elementary schools

SunoTech takes pride in providing a safe and convenient environment for pupils, students and staff:

Differentiate easily who has access and when to such different places as offices, residences, laboratories, libraries, athletic and cultural facilities, common areas, etc.

Distinguish access not just by physical location but also by duration, easily managing access for short-term guests (i.e., conference attendees), contract and temporary workers, as well as staff and students.

Integrate access control along with other campus services (i.e., cashless vending, canteens, library systems, transportation) all on one credential.

System flexibility permits the easy change of access plans thereby facilitating the individual programming of certain installations for conferences, sport and cultural events, etc.

In emergency situations, a local lockdown feature allows authorized users to put electronic locks into stand-alone lockdown mode. Special features for Education have a built-in card reader on the inner escutcheon. This inner reader enables users to activate function mode in order to lockdown a room quickly. Only authorized users with privileges on their access plan can activate it.

Automatic key assignment allows keycards to be encoded directly via a wall reader at the main point of access. This can be done the first time a user presents a card, saving time, hassle and the need to queue for card validation.

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