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One Platform...Infinite Possibilities

SunoTech’s original team members are still with us today, but we are not stuck in the past. We continually adapt the latest technologies to keep our clients safe and in control.

Today, security has become a engineering requirement.

SunoTech offers you multiple application modules to ensure your critical systems are always linked to allow the creation and management of virtually any cause and effect scenario.

SunoTech Canada Inc. can be your single source for turnkey installation and service of integrated security systems in addition to providing support for assessment, planning, and design.

Our trained professional security personnel provide a structured, interactive process for quickly assessing security needs and practices. Their experience and professionalism can help address a wide range of security challenges related to security planning, administration, risk management, emergency response and assist with policy and procedure development as well as implementation. Additional benefits include exposure to industry best practices and expert recommendations.

We provide highly sophisticated integrated security management systems. These can include security elements such as access control systems, CCTV systems, intrusion alarm systems, environment alarm systems, asset tracking systems, photo badging systems, intercom systems, remote data, audio and data transmission systems, and life safety components and devices.


  • Full integration to the access control solutions
  • Integration to multiple hardware manufacturers
  • Integration to IP network/wireless/biometric hardware
  • Multiple language support
  • 128 - bit encryption

Video Surveillance
Full CCTV Integration

  • Integration to NVR/DVR/IP Cameras/Web Pages
  • Integration to over 40 Major CCTV Manufacturers
  • Live View/Search/Playback/PTZ Control/Audio
  • CCTV linked alarm events

Hardware Integration Software

  • Integration to Fire/Intruder/SNMP/email
  • Integration to Perimeter Detection systems
  • Integration to CCTV analytics
  • Hardware/Software reporting
  • Integration to wireless personal attack systems

BMS (Building Management System)
BMS Software Integration

  • Integration via Protocol
  • Integration to Lighting/HVAC systems
  • Integration to Environmental Control systems
  • Integration to Life Safety systems
  • Control and Monitoring of critical building systems


  • Integration to any SQL/Oracle database
  • Integration to Active Directory
  • Live synchronisation to multiple databases
  • Logical and Physical access control
  • Fully customizable

Full ID Badging Solution

  • Integration to analogue/IP capture devices
  • Support for Magstripe, Barcode, Smart Card
  • Support for colour/dye sublimation printers
  • Design software/Print and Encoding facilities
  • Fully customizable

Tour Guard Solution

  • Monitor guards utilising access control system
  • Alarm events for exceeded time set for tour
  • Alarm events for missed points
  • Integration with CCTV for snapshot and event recording
  • Customizable triggers for events and alarms

Mobile Verification

  • Wireless PDA access control readers
  • Mobile verification of staff/contractor credentials on large sites
  • Smartcard and Biometric technologies
  • Live connection to host database
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