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A safe and convenient solution

Public Administration Buildings: municipalities, provincial & federal administration, military, police & court facilities

SunoTech takes pride in providing a safe and convenient environment for staff, clients and external suppliers:

Separate public and restricted areas in an access plan by easily differentiating who has access and when, to such different places as public transit areas, specific service areas, individual offices, floors, or buildings.

Optimize the use of libraries, public access areas of public buildings and parking areas by employing the flexibility of the system to easily change access plans by allowing the individual programming of specific installations.

If an emergency requires it, utilize lockdown functionality to help bring control to the situation.

Employ heavy-duty locks for high-traffic doors that meet government requirements.

Establish flexible and secure distribution of access rights for specified areas within a building, as well as for other sites and facilities using the same credentials as used at the main location.

Mobile solutions
Smartphone Apps that bring real-life usability and flexibility to access control which allows the updating of a person's access rights remotely. This solution is extremely suitable for mobile staff and maintenance workers who visit remote sites, or staff who only need short, very-timed access. In addition the app allows users to use their smartphone as a key. This solution works on any smartphone.

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