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A safe and convenient solution

Healthcare environments: hospitals, clinics, elderly and assisted living homes, doctor/dentist offices, home care, social centres and group housing

SunoTech takes pride in providing a safe and convenient environment for employees, patients, visitors and external staff:

Differentiate easily who has access, when and for how long to such different places as emergency wards, patient rooms, pharmacy and surgeries, staff offices, etc.

Protect against theft of drugs, pharmaceuticals or personal belongings by providing a secure, positive environment that is in the best interests of all the stakeholders of the facility: patients, staff, family and guests, and manager owners.

Manage access to a health service's network of diverse community centres, clinics, staff offices all from the same credentials as used at the main hospital.

Employ reliable and intuitive products and technologies developed for hard use in high traffic areas including parking zones, emergency, public and staff entrances.

Extend the security of a system's access plan to easily include even mobile workers and without sacrificing productivity.

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