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Cloud Access Control Solution

Every door deserves to be smarter.

Increase your security with enterprise-level technology used by banks and governments.

It lets you instantly control who can access where and when – from anywhere, at anytime, using any device. The system is simple to install and manage – it fits virtually any door – and is easily scalable to grow with your business. Added to which, this groundbreaking solution cuts your costs. It reduces maintenance costs, for example, with no more lock replacements when keys are lost. It reduces costs for insuring premises, assets and stock. It reduces the incidence of theft, loss and damage and their subsequent costs. For the first time, give your business all the benefits of best-in-class, wireless, cloud-based electronic access control.

How It Works

The easiest wireless cloud-based locking solution that is intuitive, flexible and simply works.

Clay IQ ensures a secure, fully wireless connectivity between Clay Cylinders and Doorlocks on the one side and the My-Clay.com application and Clay App on the other side.

Clay Cylinder, Doorlock and Wall Reader
Clay Cylinder, Doorlock and Wall Reader connects with the ClayIQ to check whether the presented ClayTag has the appropriate access rights to enter.

ClayTag is your new key that works on both the Clay Cylinder and the Clay Doorlock. Secure, goodlooking and available in 5 colors.

My-Clay.com is your door manager in the cloud. Securely accessible from any internet connected device and with an intuitive interface design to make your life easy.

Clay App
With the Clay App you manage Clay on the go. Blocking a lost ClayTag, opening and locking doors remotely and checking who’s in or out.

cloud access control diagram