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Security System Integrators


SAY GOODBYE TO MECHANICAL KEYS...Architects and building managers know the cost in money, time, and lost security if a key has to be replaced

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Partnering engineers with consultants / security designers from the onset will facilitate the Building Management Systems linked to access control

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SunoTech takes pride in providing a safe and convenient environment for employees, visitors and external staff with mobile solutions

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Separate public and restricted areas in an access plan by differentiating easily who has access and when to such different places as public transit areas

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Use your smartphone as your key, and forget about checkin lines and lost key hassles

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Differentiate easily who has access, when and for how long to such different places as emergency wards, patient rooms, pharmacy and surgeries, staff

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Differentiate easily who has access and when to such different places as offices, residences, laboratories, libraries, athletic and cultural facilities

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