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Mobile Solutions

BLE (Bluetooth) and NFC

We want convenience. We want to feel safe.

Strike the right balance with SunoTech's use of technology, that makes it easy and secure to use smartphones as a part of your access control solution. The flexibility and functionality gained by incorporating in mobile technology mean a better user experience as well as productivity gains by extending access control to include mobile workers.

This technology allows users to update their access rights remotely, without using a wired, online update point.

An ideal solution for healthcare, industrial, commercial and countless other applications.

How it Works

  • 1. New access rights given to authorized users by system administrator.
  • 2. New rights sent OTA (Over The Air) to cloud-service where they are then sent to registered end-users’ NFC-enabled smartphone, which serves as credential update point (same as a wired wall reader).
  • 3. User updates credential by presenting it to smartphone using the app.
  • 4. User opens doors with updated access rights on the credential.
mobile virtual network diagram