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Creating Integrated Security Solutions for over 27 Years!


When I first got into the security business, I noticed there was a lack of genuine service, of listening to the client and providing systems that delivered the desired business outcomes. It was with those principles in mind that I started SunoTech Canada Inc. in 1989.

It has been an very interesting 27+ years in this industry. There have been a lot of changes; more advanced technology and increasing standards. Continuing to grow and adapt has been a hallmark of Sunotech. And now we are in the next transition to a digital, key-less security environment.

The security experts and technicians we have on staff have each been with us for a relatively long time for this industry. Many of SunoTech’s original team members are still with us today. This experience and being up-to-date on the latest technology provides a depth of knowledge that is essential when integrating new and legacy technology, especially as we make the transition to digital. Experience that helps us deliver projects on-time.

The employee loyalty Sunotech fosters speaks to the positive work environment we have; a positive attitude we carry into the relationship with our customers. That attitude, knowledge and commitment to delivery is something our customers like and why they stay with us for years, as their systems expand and upgrade. We want that long-term relationship because it gives us a chance to really understand their business and security needs. It allows us to watch the industry and suggest cost-effective improvements to their security systems.

We value our customers and the trust they put in us. We would love to have the opportunity to introduce our firm and work with you in meeting your security objectives.

Frank Marschall