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"Portable" Surveillance

Totally Unique in its Class

Our new product, the Porta Site Guard ®, is totally unique in its class. It offers a "portable" surveillance on sites that were previously deemed unreachable...not anymore.

Each module - which includes Pelco Spectra integrated dome cameras, motion detection, and loudspeakers - is programmed to turn on after-hours, when an area is closed to the public. Any motion within a defined perimeter will trigger an alarm that is then sent to any desired location. In the case of this major canadian city, it is at the city's 24-hour Security Operations Centre that these images and alarms are sent. "Video security plays a vital role when it comes to alarm monitoring, as it allows us to evaluate and verify alarm events before diverting personnel," the manager of corporate security, said. Because of the real-time, interactive nature of the system, an operator can use the camera to identify what is happening and the loudspeaker to direct the person or persons to leave.

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