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Threat and Risk Analysis

A rational and orderly approach to problem identification and probability determination.

We provide administrators and managers with an envied level of expertise to assist in enhancing the security of assets, visitors and employees by conducting a Threat and Risk Analysis (TRA). This unique approach enables us to address the security needs in a professional quantitative and qualitative manner.

A Threat and Risk Analysis is a rational and orderly approach to problem identification and probability determination. A TRA provides management with information on which to base decisions. The eventual goal of a TRA is to strike an economic balance between the impact of risk on the enterprise and the cost of protective measures.

Some of the benefits of a Threat and Risk Analysis are:

  • demonstrates the current security posture (profile) of the facility
  • highlights areas where greater (or lesser) security is needed
  • assembles the facts needed for the development and justification of cost effective countermeasures (safeguards)
  • increases security awareness by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of security to all organizational levels from management to operations.

SunoTech offers state-of-the-art electronic security equipment, which is professionally chosen and installed, and has many financial and security benefits.

We offer professional evaluation of all current security procedures and security systems and recommendations of cost efficient, time saving electronic security systems which can be added to your existing system (if one already exists) to bring you to an integrated level of control.

"Locking the barn door after the horses have left", has damaging and financial consequences. A TRA is the first step to providing for the security of visitors, employees, your company, and its assets. Our brief meeting could enhance the security of your organization and reduce your liability!

Once a system has been engineered, our project coordinator remains totally involved from your wish list from personalization through to commissioning of your system. He is a constant presence on the project. Afterward, he becomes your first line of support at SunoTech.

Finally we provide Security Awareness Sessions to your staff which assist in confirming management's special interest in the security of their personnel. The sessions help to enhance employees' security awareness and address their personal concerns.

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