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Vertical Pivot Lift Gates

The 8-second Intelligent Gate Solution

VPL Gates

The VPG’s outperform slide and swing gate systems in all weather conditions including extreme heat and particularly cold and snowy conditions. The bottom of the gate panels are custom fabricated to be adaptable to any terrain including curbs, rail-road tracks, uneven driveways, crowns, and drainage swales.

Additional security features include Anti-Climb designs and all systems have standard open and close cycles that range from 7-12 seconds depending on model. Our systems offer a substantially reduced need for maintenance causing a lower cost of ownership and increased life cycle compared to other gates. Built-in battery backup is a standard feature which prevents security lapses during power outages.

Our High Security barrier systems, provide not only vehicle control but can also control pedestrian entrance by fabricating a gate panel to the barrier arm.

Our security barrier gate systems are crash tested.

  • 1. Remote location, totally secure entry/exit control
  • 2. Sliding gates take 2 minutes, ours take 8 seconds
  • 3. Truck or car mounted proximity readers, card or key access, or remote telephone activation
  • 4. No more need for security guards or other human control
  • 5. No need for snow clearance
  • 6. Incredibly small footprint [6' x 8'] for gates up to 24', ideal for tight urban locations
  • 7. No issues with snow or space for sliding gates
  • 8. Extra wide exit control for such locations as bus depots
  • 9. 24/7
  • 10. 8 sec closing eliminates tailgating, a serious problem with 2 minute sliding gates
  • 11. Secure pedestrian control
  • 12. 24/7 Card access control without need for security staff
  • 13. For pedestrian control, 50% cheaper than turnstiles, and actually 25% cheaper as an additional handicap gate is not needed
  • 14. Photoelectric and contact sensors ensures gate clear before closing
  • 15. robust heavy duty gate system designed for harsh and remote environments
  • 16. made and serviced in North America
  • 17. weather and tamper proof
  • 18. 24 volt operation reduces electrical installation cost
  • 19. battery backup gives hundreds of operations during power failure
  • 20. self-monitoring with wireless oversight
  • 21. No hydraulics means greatly reduced maintenance, no downtime even in extreme freezing temperatures
  • 22. Not affected by snow/ice build up
  • 23. UL-325 Compliant
  • 24. LED Diagnostic and Input Indicators
  • 25. 8-12 Sec. Operation w/Soft Start/Stop

vpl-gate vertical up image

vpl-gate vertical down image